The Boardwalk Environment

The landscape design for Boardwalk included a vision to integrate and connect the new Paralowie Community with the Little Para River Corridor. 

Boardwalk Drive has been designed and constructed to provide a critical connection from Melvina Road and the Boardwalk entry park and playground to the Little Para River with the inclusion of widened street verge and pedestrian footpaths shaded by native tree planting.

Where Boardwalk meets the river, a native revegetation project will blend the project into the natural river corridor with the establishment of native grasses and trees over the next few years adjoining Treetop Court.

Boardwalk at Greentree has a range of other sustainability initiatives including;

- Stormwater treatment and retention in natural wetlands
- Removal of pest plants within the river corridor and adjacent wetland areas
- Retention of existing trees
- Connection of all homes at Boardwalk and new irrigated landscape areas to Council’s Salisbury Water Recycled Water System
- Creation of local jobs throughout construction.

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