The Boardwalk Community

Boardwalk is becoming an amazing community, with many residents now moving into their brand new homes. It is great to see the relationships that are forming between neighbours. If you haven't yet met your neighbours, we encourage you to download our Boardwalk Community Card at the bottom of this page! Print it out, fill in your details, write a friendly message, and leave it in your neighbour's letterbox. Need a walking buddy? Want some help watering the garden and collecting the mail while you're away? This is a great way to give those neighbourly friendships a head start! 

What better way to get to know your community than by experiencing Boardwalk’s amazing natural environment  - and that's why we have designed Lowie's Loop! Lowie's Loop is a nature-based walking trail that takes it's participants (both young and old!) on a guided walk around the Boardwalk development. Designed to be both educational and family friendly, this 30 minute loop could become a whole afternoon of fun! Bring the colouring pencils for the kids because Lowie's Loop is accompanied by a beautiful colouring-in book that you can pick up from the City of Salisbury libraries and main office. Or download the e-book to your phone or tablet by clicking on the link below.

Who is Lowie you ask? Lowie is the Boardwalk Duck! Watch him come to life in the video below.



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