10 Great Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbours

A good relationship with your neighbours is worth its weight in gold. It can be hard to get to know new neighbours, especially if you rarely see them. We’ve put together a list of some different ways you can knock down the communication barriers and get to know all your new neighbours, to ensure you’re part of to a vibrant, united Boardwalk community.

1. Introduce yourself

An obvious step, but sometimes one of the most nerve-wracking.  Why not take something with you; bake a cake or ask for help with something to break the ice.

2. Offer to assist them in areas you specialise

We all have our own set of skills, talents and abilities that make us individual, that the person next door or across the road might have no clue about. Offering your assistance or services to help less-skilled neighbours out is not only a good networking decision, it will also give them a positive first impression of you; just make sure you don’t undermine their own skills!

3. Organise a street party

Go all out. Street/ block parties are a fantastic way for everyone in the neighbourhood to meet each other at once. Drop invitations in your neighbours letterbox with BYO requirements and set up some tables and chairs in a quiet part of the street, your front lawn or the nearby park and you’re set!

4. Carpool

If you notice a neighbour on your route to work regularly, suggest a carpool! You’ll be helping your hip pocket and the environment while simultaneously turning a neighbour into a friend.

5. Arrange to look after their pets while they’re away

Many pet owners know the stress of finding accommodation for their dog or cat in time for their holiday. If you’re an animal person, why not offer to take them in while the neighbours are away? If you have your own pets they’ll probably be more than happy to hang out with new furry friends. If you don’t have your own pets, you’ll probably get plenty of cuddles and lots of opportunities for walks –  you might even meet more neighbours while you’re out!

6. Invite them over for dinner

Who doesn’t love a dinner party? Invite your favourite new neighbours or a bunch of them over for a home-cooked meal and drinks. Suggest a monthly hosting schedule and you’ll get to go out for dinner even more regularly, with only a short stroll home.

7. Organise weekly walks on the boardwalk

Exercise is a great way to bond with people and we all need it! Take a regular stroll around the boardwalk with a neighbour, bring the kids or the dog and grab a coffee afterwards.

8. Water their plants and bring in their mail while they’re away

Knowing your home is being looked after when you can’t be there is always a weight off your shoulders. Why not offer to water your neighbour’s plants and bring in their mail for them while they’re away? More likely than not, you’ll get the same offer in return.

9. Mow their lawn

Getting the mower out and ready is half the work. If you're out there mowing your front lawn or strip, why not offer to polish off theirs for them too? You'll get neighbour points and two beautiful lawns to look at.

10. Utilise your free neighbour card!

Boardwalk at Greentree has created downloadable ‘Get to Know Your Neighbour Cards'  to help start the conversation. These will be distributed to residents once you are moved into your new home, and are available at the above link in the meantime. Drop one into your neighbour's letterbox and start getting to know your street!